Instructions for Authors

1. Research and Publication Ethics

For the policies on the research and publication ethics not stated in this instruction, international standards for editors and authors ( can be applied.



2. Publication Type

The journal of the Korean Society of Combustion accepts only ‘original’ research articles, while special issues may publish book reviews, brief reports, case reports, and/or communication letters.



3. Peer Review Process

The journal of the Korean Society of Combustion (KOSCO) is a peer-reviewed journal. All submitted articles will be subjected to a single blind review process, and at least two reviewers will be selected by the editorial board members. The reviewers recommend “Accept as is,” “Minor Revision,” “Major Revision,” or “Reject,” and the authors have a chance to submit a rebuttal letter with a revised manuscript. Based on the recommendations from the reviewers and the rebuttal of the authors, the editor-in-chief or the vice editor-in-chief makes the final decision.



4. Copyright

Authors will be asked to submit copyright transfer agreement form upon the acceptance of an article. The KOSCO has the copyright of all the articles published in the journal of the Korean Society of Combustion.



5. Article Processing Charge and Page Charge

For article processing, printing of the journal, and online publication, the authors should pay the fee as specified in the KOSCO website ( When exceeding the page limit of the journal, extra page charge will be invoiced to authors.



6. References

There is no single format for references, but the style should be consistent, and all references should provide accurate and correct information on authors, article title, publication year, journal/book/conference title, chapter/volume/issue/page numbers, DOI, website address, conference location/time, etc., when needed for retrieving the contents mentioned in the article. Below are examples:

Journal: [1] N. Peters, R.J. Kee, The Computation of Stretched Laminar Methane-Air Diffusion Flames Using a Reduced Four-Step Mechanism, Combust. Flame., 68 (1987) 17-29.

Proceeding: [2] S.K. Lee and K.Y. Lee, The Short Reaction Mechanism of Premixed CH4-Air Flames under High Pressure Condition, The 43th KOSCO Symposium, 2011, 115-120.

Book: [3] C.K. Law, Combustion Physics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2006, 20-40.



7. Author’s Checklist

- Use the template in the KOSCO website (

- Check the symbols and special characters to appear correctly in the manuscript.

- Check the names, affiliations and order of authors.

- Ensure that all figures are appropriately labelled and have resolutions higher than 300 dpi.

- Ensure that all references are appropriately cited in manuscript.

- Ensure that the reference style is consistent and all references are in English.

- Check the contact information of corresponding author.

- Check the figure captions below figures.

- Double-check the grammar of manuscript.

- Ensure that manuscript file is uploaded without an error.



8. Address to Submit and Contact Information

A link to the submission site is provided in

Address: Korean Society of Combustion, Seoul National University 39-103, Gwanak-ro 1, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

E-Mail: TEL: +82-2-880-8626 FAX: +82-0505-070-8626